Arizer V-Tower Review – Another Fantastic Contender

The Arizer V-Tower is a Canadian-made, iconic desktop vaporizer in the mid-range price bracket. This is a standard whip-type vaporizer, from a well-known manufacturer which makes other top models like the Extreme Q vaporizer. This is a digital desktop vaporizer, with temperatures ranging between 50C and 260C, using a ceramic heating element. One of the […]

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review – A New Brand Has Arizen

The Arizer Solo vaporizer is a rather sleek-looking, upmarket portable vaporizer, very discreet, and also, interestingly, very much up to date. There’s no “old school” look or tech, just a good basic vaporizer with some convenient features. What We Found In Our Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review The Arizer Solo package includes: 1 Arizer Solo Vaporizer 2 […]

Atmos Nail Review – A Solid Pen Vaporizer

The Atmos Nail could be said to be a natural development of this brand’s very straightforward basic design. It’s a simple approach, using a mouthpiece, fluid container, and vaporizer configuration. This is a simple click and smoke design, small, easy to use, discrete, and very portable. We loved performing this review, it was a very […]

Atmos A-Pen Review – A Great Starter Pen Vape?

The Atmos A-Pen is actually designed like a real pen. It’s similar to standard Atmos e-vape, with the same mouthpiece, fluid container, and vaporizer configuration. It’s discrete, easy to use, and extremely portable, even having a clip like a pen. It’s the small details that really make a pen vape look like a pen, and even […]

Vaporx XRT Review – You Know That You Want It

The VAPORX XRT is a top of the line vaporizer, a bit more expensive than most, but this pen comes with some very strong recommendations. VAPORX tend to be innovators, and with this particular pen, they’ve come up with a multi-substance vaporizer, for herbs, oils, and wax. If that sounds a bit special, it is. What […]